The Art of the Video Game Soundtrack

Ghost Ramp is a record label, which alongside releasing traditional bands/producers, puts out original video game soundtracks. Lead by label manager Patrick McDermott a panel discussion will include composers, visual artists and record label personnel. The discussion will focus the vibrant and growing state of video game music - and its entrance into the physical / traditional musical landscape

Patrick McDermott - Musician/Composer, Label Manager of Ghost Ramp, and Founder of Driftless Recordings

Ryan Sciaino aka Ghostdad - Visual Artist, Composer, Sound Designer, Video Game Designer, all around guru 

Danny Baranowsky - Composer of critically accalimed games Crypt of the Necrodancer, Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Issac and much more 

Hugh Myrone - Composer of Driftstage, Guitar Virtuoso, #Snaked

Austin Jorgenesen - Creator / Composer / Genius behind LISA the Painful RPG

Del - Visual Artist / 


Crypt of The Necrodancer


Vinyl Artwork:











North Americans - Legends